Shutter Pins

Shutter Pins

E & T Fasteners' Shutter Pins are used in the assembly of shutters. Molded in Nylon 6/6 material which has excellent wear properties, low coefficient of friction, good chemical resistance, and will not rust. Translucent off-white color.

Item offers a split head for greater retention.

Shutter Pins Dimensions
May also be available in Nylon, PVC, Polypropylene, Phenolic, PTFE, G10, Kel-F®, Delrin/Acetal, Neoprene, Mylar, Glass-Filled Nylon, Peek, CPVC, ABS, PVDF / Kynar, Isoplast, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, or Ultem®

Shutter Pins Variations

1-1/32" Shutter Pin0.240.140.3751.0310.296Request Quote
29/32" Shutter Pin0.2150.1170.3750.9060.296Request Quote
29/32" Shutter Pin0.280.1170.3750.9060.296Request Quote
1-1/16" Shutter Pin0.2430.140.4841.0310Request Quote
7/8" Shutter Pin0.2430.140.4840.8750Request Quote
1-1/16" Shutter Pin0.2430.1170.4841.0310Request Quote
Split Head Shutter Pin0.2450.120.406250.8593750.312Request Quote
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