Standard Nylon Spacers

Standard Nylon Spacers

Tough and resilient, nylon spacers are useful for many applications. They are ideal for use in electrical and electronic assemblies. They also can be used as bushings, bearing, rollers, and glides. Molded from corrosion resistant Type 6/6 Nylon, all parts are available on short delivery from standard tooling. Samples for testing are available, but NOT ALL SIZES are in stock. Special sizes and lengths are available at a slight extra tooling charge.

Parts are stocked in Nylon 6/6 UL 94V2
Parts can be furnished in: Acetal, Resin Celanese Celcon M270 UL 94HB
Tolerances: O.D. +/-.015, I.D. +/-.005, Length +/-.015

All standard nylon Spacers can be tapped two thread sizes larger than the screw listed. For example: with a screw size of 2 can be tapped 440 thread.

Standard Nylon Spacers Dimensions
May also be available in Nylon, PVC, Polypropylene, Phenolic, PTFE, G10, Kel-F®, Delrin/Acetal, Neoprene, Mylar, Glass-Filled Nylon, Peek, CPVC, ABS, PVDF / Kynar, Isoplast, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, or Ultem®

Standard Nylon Spacers Variations

SP 00.1250.0630.18751Request Quote
SP 10.18750.0910.1252Request Quote
SP 20.18750.1150.1254Request Quote
SP 30.18750.0910.18752Request Quote
SP 40.18750.1150.18754Request Quote
SP 50.18750.0910.252Request Quote
SP 60.18750.1150.254Request Quote
SP 70.18750.0910.31252Request Quote
SP 80.18750.1150.31254Request Quote
SP 90.18750.0910.3752Request Quote
SP 100.18750.1150.3754Request Quote
SP 110.18750.0910.43752Request Quote
SP 120.18750.1150.43754Request Quote
SP 130.18750.0910.52Request Quote
SP 140.18750.1150.54Request Quote
SP 150.18750.0910.56252Request Quote
SP 160.18750.1150.56254Request Quote
SP 170.18750.0910.6252Request Quote
SP 180.18750.1150.6254Request Quote
SP 190.18750.0910.68752Request Quote
SP 200.18750.1150.68754Request Quote
SP 210.18750.0910.752Request Quote
SP 220.18750.1150.754Request Quote
SP 230.18750.0910.81252Request Quote
SP 240.18750.1150.81254Request Quote
SP 250.18750.0910.8752Request Quote
SP 260.18750.1150.8754Request Quote
SP 270.18750.0910.93752Request Quote
SP 280.18750.1150.93754Request Quote
SP 290.18750.09112Request Quote
SP 300.18750.11514Request Quote
SP 310.250.0910.1252Request Quote
SP 320.250.1150.1254Request Quote
SP 330.250.140.1256Request Quote
SP 340.250.1710.1258Request Quote
SP 350.250.0910.18752Request Quote
SP 360.250.1150.18754Request Quote
SP 370.250.140.18756Request Quote
SP 380.250.1710.18758Request Quote
SP 390.250.0910.252Request Quote
SP 400.250.1150.254Request Quote
SP 410.250.140.256Request Quote
SP 420.250.1710.258Request Quote
SP 430.250.0910.31252Request Quote
SP 440.250.1150.31254Request Quote
SP 450.250.140.31256Request Quote
SP 460.250.1710.31258Request Quote
SP 470.250.0910.3752Request Quote
SP 480.250.1150.3754Request Quote
SP 490.250.140.3756Request Quote
SP 500.250.1710.3758Request Quote
SP 510.250.0910.43752Request Quote
SP 520.250.1150.43754Request Quote
SP 530.250.140.43756Request Quote
SP 540.250.1710.43758Request Quote
SP 550.250.0910.52Request Quote
SP 560.250.1150.54Request Quote
SP 570.250.140.56Request Quote
SP 580.250.1710.58Request Quote
SP 590.250.0910.56252Request Quote
SP 600.250.1150.56254Request Quote
SP 610.250.140.56256Request Quote
SP 620.250.1710.56258Request Quote
SP 630.250.0910.6252Request Quote
SP 640.250.1150.6254Request Quote
SP 650.250.140.6256Request Quote
SP 660.250.1710.6258Request Quote
SP 670.250.0910.68752Request Quote
SP 680.250.1150.68754Request Quote
SP 690.250.140.68756Request Quote
SP 700.250.1710.68758Request Quote
SP 710.250.0910.752Request Quote
SP 720.250.1150.754Request Quote
SP 730.250.140.756Request Quote
SP 740.250.1710.758Request Quote
SP 750.250.0910.81252Request Quote
SP 760.250.1150.81254Request Quote
SP 770.250.140.81256Request Quote
SP 780.250.1710.81258Request Quote
SP 790.250.0910.8752Request Quote
SP 800.250.1150.8754Request Quote
SP 810.250.140.8756Request Quote
SP 820.250.1710.8758Request Quote
SP 830.250.0910.93752Request Quote
SP 840.250.1150.93754Request Quote
SP 850.250.140.93756Request Quote
SP 860.250.1710.93758Request Quote
SP 870.250.09112Request Quote
SP 880.250.11514Request Quote
SP 890.250.1416Request Quote
SP 900.250.17118Request Quote
SP 910.31250.1150.1254Request Quote
SP 920.31250.140.1256Request Quote
SP 930.31250.1710.1258Request Quote
SP 940.31250.1940.12510Request Quote
SP 950.31250.1150.18754Request Quote
SP 960.31250.140.18756Request Quote
SP 970.31250.1710.18758Request Quote
SP 980.31250.1940.187510Request Quote
SP 990.31250.1150.254Request Quote
SP 1000.31250.140.256Request Quote
SP 1010.31250.1710.258Request Quote
SP 1020.31250.1940.2510Request Quote
SP 1030.31250.1150.31254Request Quote
SP 1040.31250.140.31256Request Quote
SP 1050.31250.1710.31258Request Quote
SP 1060.31250.1940.312510Request Quote
SP 1070.31250.1150.3754Request Quote
SP 1080.31250.140.3756Request Quote
SP 1090.31250.1710.3758Request Quote
SP 1100.31250.1940.37510Request Quote
SP 1110.31250.1150.43754Request Quote
SP 1120.31250.140.43756Request Quote
SP 1130.31250.1710.43758Request Quote
SP 1140.31250.1940.437510Request Quote
SP 1150.31250.1150.54Request Quote
SP 1160.31250.140.56Request Quote
SP 1170.31250.1710.58Request Quote
SP 1180.31250.1940.510Request Quote
SP 1190.31250.1150.56254Request Quote
SP 1200.31250.140.56256Request Quote
SP 1210.31250.1710.56258Request Quote
SP 1220.31250.1940.562510Request Quote
SP 1230.31250.1150.6254Request Quote
SP 1240.31250.140.6256Request Quote
SP 1250.31250.1710.6258Request Quote
SP 1260.31250.1940.62510Request Quote
SP 1270.31250.1150.68754Request Quote
SP 1280.31250.140.68756Request Quote
SP 1290.31250.1710.68758Request Quote
SP 1300.31250.1940.687510Request Quote
SP 1310.31250.1150.754Request Quote
SP 1320.31250.140.756Request Quote
SP 1330.31250.1710.758Request Quote
SP 1340.31250.1940.7510Request Quote
SP 1350.31250.1150.81254Request Quote
SP 1360.31250.140.81256Request Quote
SP 1370.31250.1710.81258Request Quote
SP 1380.31250.1940.812510Request Quote
SP 1390.31250.1150.8754Request Quote
SP 1400.31250.140.8756Request Quote
SP 1410.31250.1710.8758Request Quote
SP 1420.31250.1940.87510Request Quote
SP 1430.31250.1150.93754Request Quote
SP 1440.31250.140.93756Request Quote
SP 1450.31250.1710.93758Request Quote
SP 1460.31250.1940.937510Request Quote
SP 1470.31250.11514Request Quote
SP 1480.31250.1416Request Quote
SP 1490.31250.17118Request Quote
SP 1500.31250.194110Request Quote
SP 1580.3750.140.1256Request Quote
SP 1590.3750.1710.1258Request Quote
SP 1600.3750.1940.12510Request Quote
SP 1610.3750.140.18756Request Quote
SP 1620.3750.1710.18758Request Quote
SP 1630.3750.1940.187510Request Quote
SP 1640.3750.140.256Request Quote
SP 1650.3750.1710.258Request Quote
SP 1660.3750.1940.2510Request Quote
SP 1670.3750.140.31256Request Quote
SP 1680.3750.1710.31258Request Quote
SP 1690.3750.1940.312510Request Quote
SP 1700.3750.140.3756Request Quote
SP 1710.3750.1710.3758Request Quote
SP 1720.3750.1940.37510Request Quote
SP 1730.3750.140.43756Request Quote
SP 1740.3750.1710.43758Request Quote
SP 1750.3750.1940.437510Request Quote
SP 1760.3750.140.56Request Quote
SP 1770.3750.1710.58Request Quote
SP 1780.3750.1940.510Request Quote
SP 1790.3750.140.56256Request Quote
SP 1800.3750.1710.56258Request Quote
SP 1810.3750.1940.562510Request Quote
SP 1820.3750.140.6256Request Quote
SP 1830.3750.1710.6258Request Quote
SP 1840.3750.1940.62510Request Quote
SP 1850.3750.140.68756Request Quote
SP 1860.3750.1710.68758Request Quote
SP 1870.3750.1940.687510Request Quote
SP 1880.3750.140.756Request Quote
SP 1890.3750.1710.758Request Quote
SP 1900.3750.1940.7510Request Quote
SP 1910.3750.140.81256Request Quote
SP 1920.3750.1710.81258Request Quote
SP 1930.3750.1940.812510Request Quote
SP 1940.3750.140.8756Request Quote
SP 1950.3750.1710.8758Request Quote
SP 1960.3750.1940.87510Request Quote
SP 1970.3750.140.93756Request Quote
SP 1980.3750.1710.93758Request Quote
SP 1990.3750.1940.937510Request Quote
SP 2000.3750.1416Request Quote
SP 2010.3750.17118Request Quote
SP 2020.3750.194110Request Quote
SP 2030.50.140.1256Request Quote
SP 2040.50.1710.1258Request Quote
SP 2050.50.1940.12510Request Quote
SP 2060.50.2190.12512Request Quote
SP 2070.50.260.1251/4Request Quote
SP 2080.50.140.18756Request Quote
SP 2090.50.1710.18758Request Quote
SP 2100.50.1940.187510Request Quote
SP 2110.50.2190.187512Request Quote
SP 2120.50.260.18751/4Request Quote
SP 2130.50.140.256Request Quote
SP 2140.50.1710.258Request Quote
SP 2150.50.1940.2510Request Quote
SP 2160.50.2190.2512Request Quote
SP 2170.50.260.251/4Request Quote
SP 2180.50.140.31256Request Quote
SP 2190.50.1710.31258Request Quote
SP 2200.50.1940.312510Request Quote
SP 2210.50.2190.312512Request Quote
SP 2220.50.2570.31251/4Request Quote
SP 2230.50.140.3756Request Quote
SP 2240.50.1710.3758Request Quote
SP 2250.50.1940.37510Request Quote
SP 2260.50.2190.37512Request Quote
SP 2270.50.2570.3751/4Request Quote
SP 2280.50.140.43756Request Quote
SP 2290.50.1710.43758Request Quote
SP 2300.50.1940.437510Request Quote
SP 2310.50.2190.437512Request Quote
SP 2320.50.2570.43751/4Request Quote
SP 2330.50.140.56Request Quote
SP 2340.50.1710.58Request Quote
SP 2350.50.1940.510Request Quote
SP 2360.50.2190.512Request Quote
SP 2370.50.2570.51/4Request Quote
SP 2380.50.140.56256Request Quote
SP 2390.50.1710.56258Request Quote
SP 2400.50.1940.562510Request Quote
SP 2410.50.2190.562512Request Quote
SP 2420.50.2570.56251/4Request Quote
SP 2430.50.140.6256Request Quote
SP 2440.50.1710.6258Request Quote
SP 2450.50.1940.62510Request Quote
SP 2460.50.2190.62512Request Quote
SP 2470.50.2570.6251/4Request Quote
SP 2480.50.140.68756Request Quote
SP 2490.50.1710.68758Request Quote
SP 2500.50.1940.687510Request Quote
SP 2510.50.2190.687512Request Quote
SP 2520.50.2570.68751/4Request Quote
SP 2530.50.140.756Request Quote
SP 2540.50.1710.758Request Quote
SP 2550.50.1940.7510Request Quote
SP 2560.50.2190.7512Request Quote
SP 2570.50.260.751/4Request Quote
SP 2580.50.140.81256Request Quote
SP 2590.50.1710.81258Request Quote
SP 2600.50.1940.812510Request Quote
SP 2610.50.2190.812512Request Quote
SP 2620.50.260.81251/4Request Quote
SP 2630.50.140.8756Request Quote
SP 2640.50.1710.8758Request Quote
SP 2650.50.1940.87510Request Quote
SP 2660.50.2190.87512Request Quote
SP 2670.50.260.8751/4Request Quote
SP 2680.50.140.93756Request Quote
SP 2690.50.1710.93758Request Quote
SP 2700.50.1940.937510Request Quote
SP 2710.50.2190.937512Request Quote
SP 2720.50.2570.93751/4Request Quote
SP 2730.50.1416Request Quote
SP 2740.50.17118Request Quote
SP 2750.50.194110Request Quote
SP 2760.50.219112Request Quote
SP 2770.50.25711/4Request Quote
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