Nylon Screw Insulators

Nylon Screw Insulators

Nylon Screw Insulators are Used To:

  • Isolate Metal Screws Electrically
  • Reduce Corrosion

Screw Insulators May Also Be Used As Light Load Bearings in Many Applications.

Specify Screw Size and Length When Ordering. Specials Can Be Made to Order for a Small Tooling Charge.
Nylon Screw Insulators Dimensions
May also be available in Nylon, PVC, Polypropylene, Phenolic, PTFE, G10, Kel-F®, Delrin/Acetal, Neoprene, Mylar, Glass-Filled Nylon, Peek, CPVC, ABS, PVDF / Kynar, Isoplast, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, or Ultem®

Nylon Screw Insulators Variations

SC 2500.5130.0310.3120.260.25Request Quote
SC 20.1810.0460.120.090.125Request Quote
SC 20.1810.0460.120.090.187Request Quote
SC 20.1810.0460.120.090.25Request Quote
SC 20.1810.0460.120.090.375Request Quote
SC 40.2350.0460.1450.1150.031Request Quote
SC 40.2350.0460.1450.1150.046Request Quote
SC 40.2350.0460.1450.1150.062Request Quote
SC 40.2350.0460.1450.1150.093Request Quote
SC 40.2350.0460.1450.1150.125Request Quote
SC 40.2350.0460.1450.1150.156Request Quote
SC 40.2350.0460.1450.1150.1875Request Quote
SC 40.2350.0460.1450.1150.25Request Quote
SC 40.2350.0460.1450.1150.375Request Quote
SC 40.2350.0460.1450.1150.5Request Quote
SC 60.290.0460.170.140.046Request Quote
SC 60.290.0460.170.140.0625Request Quote
SC 60.290.0460.170.140.093Request Quote
SC 60.290.0460.170.140.125Request Quote
SC 60.290.0460.170.140.156Request Quote
SC 60.290.0460.170.140.1875Request Quote
SC 60.290.0460.170.140.25Request Quote
SC 60.290.0460.170.140.375Request Quote
SC 60.290.0460.170.140.5Request Quote
SC 80.3440.06250.2050.1730.125Request Quote
SC 80.3440.06250.2050.1730.14Request Quote
SC 80.3440.06250.2050.1730.25Request Quote
SC 80.3440.06250.2050.1730.375Request Quote
SC 80.3440.06250.2050.1730.5Request Quote
SC 80.3440.06250.2050.1730.625Request Quote
SC 80.3440.06250.2050.1730.75Request Quote
SC 100.3990.06250.260.20.0625Request Quote
SC 100.3990.06250.260.20.14Request Quote
SC 100.3990.06250.260.20.1875Request Quote
SC 100.3990.06250.260.20.25Request Quote
SC 100.3990.06250.260.20.375Request Quote
SC 100.3990.06250.260.20.5Request Quote
SC 100.3990.06250.260.20.5625Request Quote
SC 100.3990.06250.260.20.625Request Quote
SC 100.3990.06250.260.20.75Request Quote
SC 2500.5130.06250.3120.260.125Request Quote
SC 2500.5130.06250.3120.260.14Request Quote
SC 2500.5130.06250.3120.260.1875Request Quote
SC 2500.5130.06250.3120.260.25Request Quote
SC 2500.5130.06250.3120.260.375Request Quote
SC 2500.5130.06250.3120.260.5Request Quote
SC 2500.5130.06250.3120.260.625Request Quote
SC 2500.5130.06250.3120.260.75Request Quote
SC 3120.620.06250.360.320.125Request Quote
SC 3120.6250.06250.360.320.25Request Quote
SC 3120.620.06250.360.320.375Request Quote
SC 3120.620.06250.360.320.5Request Quote
SC 3120.620.06250.360.320.625Request Quote
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