Hex Nylon Tapped Spacers

Hex Nylon Tapped Spacers
NOTE: has no through hole.
Hex Nylon Tapped Spacers Dimensions

On threaded spacers 3/4" and longer, tap is 3/8" minimum from each end.

*Note these items are available in Metric Threads
4-40* Available in M3 Thread
6-32** Available in M3.5 Thread
8-32*** Available in M4 Thread

To order metric threads, simply add an M to the Part Number
Example: for 6-32 Thread -- for M3.5 Thread

May also be available in Nylon, PVC, Polypropylene, Phenolic, PTFE, G10, Kel-F®, Delrin/Acetal, Neoprene, Mylar, Glass-Filled Nylon, Peek, CPVC, ABS, PVDF / Kynar, Isoplast, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, or Ultem®

Hex Nylon Tapped Spacers Variations

HTSP 260.250.312632**Request Quote
HTSP 10.250.254-40*Request Quote
HTSP 20.250.3754-40*Request Quote
HTSP 30.250.54-40*Request Quote
HTSP 40.250.754-40*Request Quote
HTSP 50.2514-40*Request Quote
HTSP 60.250.256-32**Request Quote
HTSP 70.250.3756-32**Request Quote
HTSP 80.250.56-32**Request Quote
HTSP 90.250.756-32**Request Quote
HTSP 100.2516-32**Request Quote
HTSP 110.250.258-32***Request Quote
HTSP 120.250.3758-32***Request Quote
HTSP 130.250.58-32***Request Quote
HTSP 140.250.758-32***Request Quote
HTSP 150.2518-32***Request Quote
HTSP 160.250.8754-40*Request Quote
HTSP 170.250.8756-32**Request Quote
HTSP 180.250.8758-32***Request Quote
HTSP 190.250.6254-40*Request Quote
HTSP 200.250.6256-32**Request Quote
HTSP 210.250.6258-32***Request Quote
HTSP 220.250.3124-40*Request Quote
HTSP 230.251.256-32**Request Quote
HTSP 240.250.5624-40*Request Quote
HTSP 290.250.4374-40*Request Quote
HTSP 350.250.1876-32**Request Quote
HTSP 360.251.56-32** (Not Thru Hole)Request Quote
HTSP 370.250.826440*Request Quote
HTSP 380.250.562632**Request Quote
HTSP 390.251.3754-40*Request Quote
HTSP 1010.1870.254-40*Request Quote
HTSP 1020.1870.3754-40*Request Quote
HTSP 1030.1870.54-40*Request Quote
HTSP 1040.1870.4374-40*Request Quote
HTSP 1060.1870.256-32**Request Quote
HTSP 1070.1870.3756-32**Request Quote
HTSP 1080.1870.56-32**Request Quote
HTSP 1090.1870.756-32**Request Quote
HTSP 1110.1870.5624-40*Request Quote
HTSP 1120.1870.4372-56Request Quote
HTSP 1130.1870.5622-56Request Quote
HTSP 1140.1870.3752-56Request Quote
HTSP 1150.1870.3122-56Request Quote
HTSP 1160.1870.8754-40*Request Quote
HTSP 1190.1870.6254-40*Request Quote
HTSP 1200.1870.6256-32**Request Quote
HTSP 1240.1870.754-40*Request Quote
HTSP 2070.3120.2191/4-20Request Quote
HTSP 2080.3120.56-32**Request Quote
HTSP 2200.3120.8756-32**Request Quote
HTSP 2250.3121.1256-32**Request Quote
HTSP 3090.3750.756-32**Request Quote
HTSP 4000.3750.51/4-20Request Quote
HTSP 410.250.6728-32***Request Quote
HTSP 400.250.4376-32**Request Quote
HTSP 1180.1880.6882-56Request Quote
HTSP 320.251.54-40Request Quote
HTSP 2090.3120.25632Request Quote
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