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Retention Fasteners

A retention fastener solves attachment applications where the design intent is simply to keep two separate materials joined or positioned in a specific arrangement.  Retention fasteners can be broken down into two main categories:  pin-style and clip-style.  Both pins and clips function on the basis of providing a shear barrier to materials sliding out of […]

Plastics: Part of A Sustainable Future

plastic composite

Companies dedicated to the production of plastic products have long realized that this is an industry with explosive growth. However, simply stating that the plastics industry is growing is a somewhat simplistic view of what is happening. In reality, if analyzed correctly, this growth is actually moving into a whole new direction, that of the […]

Plastic Innovations Aid Agricultural Efforts

Plastic innovations - Junior agricultural scientists researching plants and diseases in a greenhouse with parsley

Like the computer, plastic, an invention of the 20th century, has changed our lives forever. The plastics industry has helped improve healthcare, fuel efficiency, technology and many other industries we have covered here. But what about agriculture? Plastic Innovations Today, modern agriculture relies heavily on the use of plastic materials and products in its various […]