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Galling in Metallic Fasteners

What is thread galling?  Let’s answer first with a picture: Fig. 1 – Thread Galling  (American Fastener Journal, 10/18/02) In the above image, we can see obvious damage to this bolt’s threads, which at first glance appear to be from some sort of striking impact.  In fact, the condition we’re looking at is thread galling, […]

Important Traits in The Plastic Industry – Innovative Technology Growth and Customized Service

plastic solar cell

The quantity of plastic used across all industries is enormous. It is astonishing to think about the amount of plastic we use on a daily basis. Yet, we rarely think about this material or even consider the amount of effort that goes into making these products. The furthest thing from the consumer’s mind is all […]

World Demand Drives The Fastener Market to New Heights

world demand for fasteners

The ever strengthening global market for goods can only mean one thing for fastener demand . Things are heading up. The more the world economy produces, the more fasteners will be needed to make that production possible. Projected Future Growth of Approximately $84 Billion An eagerly anticipated report by Global Industry Analysts forecasts a growing […]