Molded Plastic Dowels

Molded Plastic Dowels

Uses include dowel pins, stop pins, insulating spacers, switch actuators, and keys. Natural color acetal plastic is standard, though they may be molded of other materials. Other lengths are available.

Molded Plastic Dowels Dimensions
May also be available in Nylon, PVC, Polypropylene, Phenolic, PTFE, G10, Kel-F®, Delrin/Acetal, Neoprene, Mylar, Glass-Filled Nylon, Peek, CPVC, ABS, PVDF / Kynar, Isoplast, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, or Ultem®

Molded Plastic Dowels Variations

0933120.31250.093Request Quote
0471250.1250.047Request Quote
0472500.250.047Request Quote
0473750.3750.047Request Quote
0475000.50.047Request Quote
0621250.1250.062Request Quote
0622500.250.062Request Quote
0623750.3750.062Request Quote
0625000.50.062Request Quote
0471250.1250.093Request Quote
0932500.250.093Request Quote
0933750.3750.093Request Quote
0935000.50.093Request Quote
12211251.1250.122Request Quote
1251250.1250.125Request Quote
1251870.18750.125Request Quote
1252500.250.125Request Quote
1253750.3750.125Request Quote
1255000.50.125Request Quote
1871250.1250.187Request Quote
1872500.250.187Request Quote
1873750.3750.187Request Quote
1875000.50.187Request Quote
1877500.750.187Request Quote
2105000.50.21Request Quote
2452501.250.245Request Quote
2501250.1250.25Request Quote
2502500.250.25Request Quote
2503750.3750.25Request Quote
2505000.50.25Request Quote
2507500.750.25Request Quote
3121250.1250.312Request Quote
3122500.250.312Request Quote
3123750.3750.312Request Quote
3125000.50.312Request Quote
3126250.6250.312Request Quote
3127500.750.312Request Quote
4372500.250.437Request Quote
1876250.6250.187Request Quote
2502390.2350.25Request Quote
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