Molded Acetal Rivets

Molded Acetal Rivets

Molded Acetal Rivets Dimensions
May also be available in Nylon, PVC, Polypropylene, Phenolic, PTFE, G10, Kel-F®, Delrin/Acetal, Neoprene, Mylar, Glass-Filled Nylon, Peek, CPVC, ABS, PVDF / Kynar, Isoplast, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, or Ultem®

Molded Acetal Rivets Variations

RIV 10.1430.0580.1250.085Request Quote
RIV 20.1430.0580.18750.085Request Quote
RIV 30.1430.0580.250.085Request Quote
RIV 40.1430.0580.31250.085Request Quote
RIV 50.1430.0580.3750.085Request Quote
RIV 60.1430.0580.43750.085Request Quote
RIV 70.1430.0580.50.085Request Quote
RIV 110.250.0680.1250.125Request Quote
RIV 120.250.0680.18750.125Request Quote
RIV 130.250.0680.250.125Request Quote
RIV 140.250.0680.31250.125Request Quote
RIV 150.250.0680.3750.125Request Quote
RIV 160.250.0680.43750.125Request Quote
RIV 170.250.0680.50.125Request Quote
RIV 180.250.0680.56250.125Request Quote
RIV 190.250.0680.6250.125Request Quote
RIV 200.250.0680.68750.125Request Quote
RIV 210.2180.090.1250.125Request Quote
RIV 220.2180.090.18750.125Request Quote
RIV 230.2180.090.250.125Request Quote
RIV 240.2180.090.31250.125Request Quote
RIV 250.2180.090.3750.125Request Quote
RIV 260.2180.090.50.125Request Quote
RIV 500.2550.0510.250.125Request Quote
RIV 550.2550.0510.3750.125Request Quote
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