Metric Male Females

Metric Male Females

Metric Male Females Dimensions
Molded in Natural Nylon 6/6May also be available in Nylon, PVC, Polypropylene, Phenolic, PTFE, G10, Kel-F®, Delrin/Acetal, Neoprene, Mylar, Glass-Filled Nylon, Peek, CPVC, ABS, PVDF / Kynar, Isoplast, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, or Ultem®

Metric Male Females Variations

Metric Standoff4.76466M3 x 0.5Request Quote
Metric Standoff4.764.7686M3 x 0.5Request Quote
Metric Standoff4.764.76106M3 x 0.5Request Quote
Metric Standoff4.764.76116M3 x 0.5Request Quote
Metric Standoff4.764.76126M3 x 0.5Request Quote
Metric Standoff4.764.76136M3 x 0.5Request Quote
Metric Standoff4.764.76146M3 x 0.5Request Quote
Metric Standoff4.764.76166M3 x 0.5Request Quote
Metric Standoff4.764.76226M3 x 0.5Request Quote
Metric Standoff4.764.76256M3 x 0.5Request Quote
Metric Standoff4.764.76196M3 x 0.5Request Quote
Metric Standoff4.764.76206M3 x 0.5Request Quote
Metric Standoff6.35686M3.5 x 0.6Request Quote
Metric Standoff6.356.35106M3.5 x 0.6Request Quote
Metric Standoff6.356.35116M3.5 x 0.6Request Quote
Metric Standoff6.356.35126M3.5 x 0.6Request Quote
Metric Standoff6.356.35136M3.5 x 0.6Request Quote
Metric Standoff6.356.35146M3.5 x 0.6Request Quote
Metric Standoff6.356.35166M3.5 x 0.6Request Quote
Metric Standoff6.356.35196M3.5 x 0.6Request Quote
Metric Standoff6.356.35206M3.5 x 0.6Request Quote
Metric Standoff6.356.35226M3.5 x 0.6Request Quote
Metric Standoff6.356.35256M3.5 x 0.6Request Quote
Metric Standoff9.539116M4 x 0.7Request Quote
Metric Standoff9.539.53126M4 x 0.7Request Quote
Metric Standoff9.539.53136M4 x 0.7Request Quote
Metric Standoff9.539.53146M4 x 0.7Request Quote
Metric Standoff9.539.53156M4 x 0.7Request Quote
Metric Standoff9.539.53166M4 x 0.7Request Quote
Metric Standoff9.539.53186M4 x 0.7Request Quote
Metric Standoff9.539.53196M4 x 0.7Request Quote
Metric Standoff9.539.53206M4 x 0.7Request Quote
Metric Standoff9.539.53226M4 x 0.7Request Quote
Metric Standoff9.539.53256M4 x 0.7Request Quote
Metric Standoff9.538.5106M4 x 0.7Request Quote
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