Panel Cinching Rivet

E & T Fasteners' one-piece molded nylon Panel Cinching Rivet consists of two elements, the "T" shaped drive pin and the "U" shaped body which are joined by thin webs. To install the fastnener, insert the "U" shaped body into the panel hole and rap the head of the "T" shaped pin with a hammer or impact tool.

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Panel Cinching Rivet Dimensions
May also be available in Nylon, PVC, Polypropylene, Phenolic, PTFE, G10, Kel-F®, Delrin/Acetal, Neoprene, Mylar, Glass-Filled Nylon, Peek, CPVC, ABS, PVDF / Kynar, Isoplast, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, or Ultem®

Panel Cinching Rivet Variations

DescriptionAssembled Head HeightHead Dia.Hole Dia.LengthPanel Thickness RangeQuote
Cinch Fastener0.0850.250.1250.35.020 / .109Request Quote
Cinch Fastener0.1330.3750.1880.436.020 / .174Request Quote
Cinch Fastener0.1240.3750.250.475.020 / .109Request Quote
Cinch Fastener0.1240.6250.250.555.020 / .174Request Quote
  • Model: Panel Cinching Rivet

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