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World Demand Drives The Fastener Market to New Heights

world demand for fasteners

The ever strengthening global market for goods can only mean one thing for fastener demand . Things are heading up. The more the world economy produces, the more fasteners will be needed to make that production possible. Projected Future Growth of Approximately $84 Billion An eagerly anticipated report by Global Industry Analysts forecasts a growing […]

We’re attending: National Industrial Fastener Expo in Las Vegas

2016 National Industrial Fastener and Mill Supply Expo

We’ll be at the National Industrial Fastener and Mill Supply Expo, in Las Vegas, Tuesday, October 25 and 26th, 2016! Created by the National Fasteners Distributors Association, The National Industrial Fastener and Mill Supply Expo is the largest industrial fastener show in North America. They bring over 2,000 attendees and 600 manufacturers & distributors together to meet, network, and find […]

3D Printing – Will It Replace Traditional Plastic Manufacturing?

Everyone has heard about 3D printing. It’s one of the most exciting innovations in technology over the last few years because you can create nearly anything you can imagine quickly and easily. The question then is whether or not it will completely replace traditional plastic manufacturing (see previous posts about plastic machining and plastic injection […]