After the Design process: Building your first 3D Prototype Using Plastic Fasteners

storm clouds

“Fasten your seat belts, we are experiencing some turbulence as we move through this cloud cluster,” the pilot announced while I was on a flight back from an Ansys conference in Pennsylvania last month. The lady next to me leaned over and said, “ I never really understand what that means.” It was her puzzlement that reminded […]

A Screw is No Longer Just a Screw: Coated Fasteners

Coated Fasteners

A Screw is No Longer Just a Screw: Coated Fasteners bring technology to the lowly fastener Cutting edge technology  reaches much further than you can ever imagine, touching even the lowly and rather mundane screw. And  many industries now require that fasteners have increased strength, and better resistance to extreme temperatures, that they help create smooth […]

When to Use Plastic Washers

Plastic Washers

A washer isn’t just a washer. If you work in the manufacturing or construction industries, you know exactly what we’re talking about. You have to choose from: Plain washers feature a flat, round surface with various hole diameters and material thicknesses Spring and locking washers feature curves, waves, or uneven surfaces, depending on your needs […]

Halar® ECTFE Coated Fasteners

Halar ECTFE Coated fasteners

Sometimes, it isn’t really about the material used to make the screw or the fastener itself. Instead, it’s about the coatings that are used on fasteners to provide them with additional features that you won’t find on regular old screws that you can get at the hardware store. These kinds of coatings can allow fasteners […]

The Many Uses of Mylar Within Plastic Fasteners

Mylar Washer

Mylar® is a Polyester Film and is registered trademark owned by Dupont Tejjin Films.  Mylar is wear resistant, durable and strong and suitable for many applications. What are the Highlights of Mylar Plastic Fasteners? Mylar is: AN extremely good electrical insulator Less expensive and an alternative to Kapton Dimensionally stable Additionally, mylar fasteners exhibit low […]

Marine Fasteners: Plastic Fasteners or Stainless Steel?

Threaded Steel Bolts and Nuts

In our last article, we talked about four reasons to use plastic fasteners in a marine environment. There are a couple of convincing reasons to give plastic fasteners a try: Plastic marine fasteners won’t corrode in water Some plastics are UV resistant Plastic marine fasteners can be combined with other materials Plastic marine fasteners require […]