Plastic Fastener SupplierThere’s no doubt that you want to create the highest quality product possible. That means choosing a high-quality fastener that is both effective and affordable, which in turn means finding the right supplier, but that can be a lot like finding a needle in a haystack.

There are a few important reasons why choosing the best plastic fastener supplier is so important, and a few ways you can find the supplier that’s right for you.

Why finding a good supplier is so important

Because finding a quality plastic fastener supplier can be such a challenge, many people skip the search and go with the first supplier they come across. Although this may save you time up-front, it’ll cause you a lot of problems in the long run.

When it comes right down to it, low-quality fasteners from the wrong supplier can compromise your product, ultimately destroying everything you’ve worked so hard to create. So, why do manufacturers often overlook the quality of the fasteners they order?

Take a product like the iPhone. When you first think about this popular device, screws aren’t likely to come to mind. Innovative features, application possibilities, and design are all likely to come to mind first.

These are all important things to consider, which is why many manufacturers focus on the glitz and glam of a product without heavily considering its guts and durability. They end up choosing cheap fasteners in an attempt to save money and time, incorrectly assuming that these details aren’t really all that important. Fortunately, Apple isn’t one of those manufacturers.

Did you know that the average iPhone has over 50 screws? That’s a lot of screws that most iPhone users don’t even know exist! But, you can bet that they’ll notice the instant one of those screws is compromised.

Cheap industrial fasteners can easily be stripped or snapped, which can spell the end of the reputation of a product like the iPhone. The Apple team chooses high-quality fasteners from a dependable supplier to ensure the quality of their product, and so should you. You’ll ultimately save time and money in the long run by partnering with the right supplier.

What to look for in high-quality fasteners

Finding the right supplier starts with finding the right product. That means finding high-quality fasteners that will give your product a leg up on the competition.

So, what should you look for in a fastener?

  • High resistance to various chemicals and high temperatures. The fasteners you choose should resist chemical breakdown and corrosion, especially if the fasteners will be exposed to certain chemicals and temperatures.  We’ve done a lot of research on plastic fastener materials. Take a look at our Plastic and Nylon Fastener Materials page, and our Plastic Materials Properties data.
  • Resistance to high vibrations. The best fasteners are made out of desensitized materials that won’t break down despite corrosion from minor vibrations caused by machinery and movement.

What to look for in a quality fastener supplier

Once you know what kind of fasteners you’re looking for, it’s time to start comparing fastener suppliers. The quality of the supplier you choose can make or break the entire experience, ultimately determining whether your product is successful or not.

So, what should you look for in a fastener supplier?

Timely delivery and transparency

Anyone can send a few fasteners in the mail, but do you know exactly when you can expect them to arrive on your doorstep? Will the supplier work with you to make sure that the materials are delivered on time so you can adhere to your manufacturing schedule? A supplier that doesn’t work within your time constraints isn’t worth partnering with.

However, most suppliers know how important timely delivery is, so they talk a big game in an effort to make a sale but don’t deliver on their promises. A good supplier is one that is completely honest and transparent. If they can’t get the fasteners to you within a certain time frame, they should be able to tell you why and offer a few solutions.

How can you tell if a supplier will provide timely delivery, and be honest and upfront with you about scheduling? It doesn’t hurt to ask for references, but it’s really best if you can do a few trial runs of your own. Place a small order and see when it arrives. Increase the size of your order and see if the supplier can handle it. This track record will help you feel confident about your new supplier why you’re still utilizing your old one.

Expert recommendations

A supplier should be an expert when it comes to all the fasteners they offer. If you aren’t sure exactly what fastener is best, they should be able to recommend the right one.

Unfortunately, some suppliers are nothing more than glorified ordering centers. They can take an order in a heartbeat, but don’t necessarily know what to recommend. The trouble is, they aren’t likely to tell you that they can’t make a recommendation. Instead, they’ll appear to know what they’re talking about and end up recommending the wrong fastener!

Quality suppliers will be members of various associations, and many of them will have extensive experience in the industry. If you really want to find out if you’ve found a knowledgeable supplier, put them to the test.

Describe your situation and see what they recommend. Little do they know that you already have a fastener in mind! Then, see if they recommend the same product or a comparable product to the one that’s already working for you.

Wide variety of products

To save yourself a little time down the road, you should look for a fastener supplier that offers many different products. That way, you don’t have to seek out a new supplier every time you’re looking for a new fastener.

There’s another benefit to choosing a knowledgeable supplier that offers many different products. They are able to compare and contrast the many products they have to offer, providing you with a much better recommendation than if you asked for advice from a small supplier.

The right fasteners every time

Mistakes happen, but they very rarely happen when you choose a quality supplier. If they often send the wrong products, that is a sign that the entire organization is poorly organized, and you don’t want to partner with a supplier that you can’t trust.

Cost competitive

High-quality fasteners will cost more than low-quality fasteners, but that doesn’t mean they should cost a fortune. When shopping around for a new supplier, cost should be a consideration.

Compare the cost of the same fastener across different suppliers, looking for one that offers a good balance of quality customer service and high-quality products. Good suppliers often offer special discounts to regular members or purchases made in bulk, which are important considerations if you plan on placing multiple or large orders.

Time for a new supplier?

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