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Plastics: Part of A Sustainable Future

plastic composite

Companies dedicated to the production of plastic products have long realized that this is an industry with explosive growth. However, simply stating that the plastics industry is growing is a somewhat simplistic view of what is happening. In reality, if analyzed correctly, this growth is actually moving into a whole new direction, that of the […]

Plastic Innovations Aid Agricultural Efforts

Plastic innovations - Junior agricultural scientists researching plants and diseases in a greenhouse with parsley

Like the computer, plastic, an invention of the 20th century, has changed our lives forever. The plastics industry has helped improve healthcare, fuel efficiency, technology and many other industries we have covered here. But what about agriculture? Plastic Innovations Today, modern agriculture relies heavily on the use of plastic materials and products in its various […]

World Demand Drives The Fastener Market to New Heights

world demand for fasteners

The ever strengthening global market for goods can only mean one thing for fastener demand . Things are heading up. The more the world economy produces, the more fasteners will be needed to make that production possible. Projected Future Growth of Approximately $84 Billion An eagerly anticipated report by Global Industry Analysts forecasts a growing […]

Where Would the World be Without Fasteners

Role of plastic fasteners within 3D printing

3D Printing May Influence Change in The Fastener Industry Image Designed by Freepik In this modern day and age, where would we be without plastic fasteners? Today they are used in the automobile industry, aeronautics, space development, food and drug development and many other areas. It is surprising!  We use plastic fasteners or plastic composite […]

Can Plastic Fasteners Save Your Business Money?

Saving money with fasteners

Sometimes, the smallest things can make huge differences where business, efficiency, and profits are concerned. While plastic fasteners may seem like a tiny thing to worry about, they can actually save your business quite a bit of money if you know how to use them right. Plastic fasteners are often the product of choice vs […]