plastic fasteners in the construction industry

Plastic fasteners in the construction industry

The plastics Industry is experiencing a huge boom. However, this growth comes in unexpected sectors such as the plastic fastener industry. According to Mordor Intelligence Reports, the most proficient growth will be in the  Asia Pacific rim.

It is this geographic area that is witnessing a massive increase in the use of plastic connectors and fasteners within the construction fields. Not only are the skylines of major Asian cities and regions being filled with impressive skyscrapers, but there is also a newly emerging middle class in these countries, fueled by improving salaries and education and new job opportunities. These social sectors are creating a large and growing demand for residential, retail and commercial construction projects from malls, to industrial centers,to towers of glass and steel and neighborhoods of residential housing.

Plastic Use In Construction Fields in Asia-Pacific to Reach $6.7 Trillion

 The Asia-Paciic engineering plastics market reports that by 2020 the Pacific construction markets will hit $6.7 Trillion dollars and account for 55% of global output with growth projections raising 5.1% from 2017 through 2025. China, India, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and a rebuilding Cambodia as well as other emerging markets are currently straining the supply of available construction cranes, cement, armies of workers, and yes even plastic parts. The need is to turn all that material into buildings both large and small, residential, industrial  and commercial.

The Importance of This

It is the commercial wheel of supply and demand by which national economies run on and construction is fueled by. Plastic fasteners will be a prime player in all of this due to their function, and the now critical need for these fasteners in the construction fields.

The plastic fastener  industry knows that demand will be unprecedented and are ready and waiting to meet it.

Where Will The Plastic Fastener Market Meet The Need?

Generally, the plastic fastener market includes:

  • Rivets and push-in clips. The most robust part of the market.
  • Cable clips and ties
  • Threaded fasteners, washers and spacers
  • Grommets, bushings and wall plugs.

There are distinct factors that make plastic fasteners a superior solution to their metal cousins. And it is in the installation of these products where plastic fastener components are rapidly replacing their metal counterparts.

A Few of The Benefits to Using The Plastic Fastener

  • They are more cost effective.
  • Plastic fasteners are safer.
  • They don’t rust or react to temperature fluxuations.
  • These fasteners don’t degrade or degenerate.
  • They do not weather or react to humidity which is especially important in humid climates.
  • The plastic is easily recycled, and it takes less energy to produce,
  • They are lighter,
  • This product is cheaper,
  • Plastic lasts longer,
  • There is less maintenance.

The Advent of Newer and More Durable Composite Materials

And with the advent of newer, even more durable composite materials, plastic fasteners are becoming completely indispensable in every aspect of construction and manufacturing across the globe.

The main uses of plastic fasteners in construction include:

  • Flooring
  • Roofing
  • Insulation
  • Wall construction
  • Piping
  • Cable wiring and installation

If you follow industry news, then of course, you can not imagine the automotive or electronics industry running without the plastic fastener of one form or another. However, now the most promising indicators for the plastic fastener industry is the boom not only in construction but in all the related manufacturing industries that grow and expand along with a growing economy.

Designers Have Their Eyes Wide Open

Designers and engineers within the plastic fastener industry have their eyes wide open as well. They see how demand and the need for fasteners that complete certain functions. It is this that will drive the industry to seek, improve and create new and innovative ways plastic fastening devices can replace older fasteners and improve architectural and engineering projects.

Two of the most obvious ways plastic fasteners will improve the construction industry is through are cost and weight. This includes both in the fastening and use of raw materials as well as in the use of finished construction products. Each and every day, we discover new plastic and composite materials. We experiment with new fastening materials and new manufacturing methods that replace passe technologies. And  just as the cell phone has changed communications, so will plastic change the construction industry.


It’s time for industry, especially the construction industry to fully embrace the many advancements and superior results that plastic fasteners engender.For most architects and engineers it has become an innovative challenge to use this new technology. Even so, the huge upswing in demand also brings about its issues.

The Need for Reliable Sources and Supplies

Engineers will need a reliable, source of supply that can meet  and exceed the present and projected demands. In the scheme of things, plastic fasteners may not seem as sexy as slabs of marble or mirrored glass or beams of steel, but as any builder can tell you, like the old song says, “It’s the little things that count.

When you add up all the millions of plastic fasteners that go into building and into everything that going into that building, from the roof to the walls and floors, to the desks and chairs and tables inside them, to the miles of cable and piping that goes into them, to the computers and electronic devices that fill them and even to the vehicles and construction machinery that build them, plastic fasteners are the one construction element that holds everything together – and we cannot live without them.

This leads to a simple conclusion. Find and secure a trusted supply chain source that can handle the ever growing need industry within the construction industry.It is this that  is now and will continue to experience.

The population of our planet has 7.6 billion people and is growing at the rate of 1.09% per year and there is no end in sight. The simple truth is that the more people on the planet, the more need there will be to supply construction services to meet the needs and their demands.

Today that growth is in the Asia Pacific Rim and it will certainly continue with their emerging middle class and their consumption patterns. But as Asia was the sleeping giant, Africa is waking up as well. As it does, it will follow a similar pattern of increasing wages building a consumer class that need goods and services, especially housing.

That is sure to expand and perpetuate the boom in construction and the need for the plastic fasteners to hold all this progress together. Our industry will be ready to meet that challenge, with even more exciting, money-saving, more sustainable products. In the famous movie, “The Graduate,” plastics was said to be the future. How right that was.

Choosing plastic fasteners for your next project

Plastic fasteners can be the right fit for your application, but it’s extremely important that you seek professional advice before you make a purchase.

At E&T Fasteners, we are experts at understanding the benefits and drawbacks of fasteners and components that are made out of a wide variety of materials. Simply speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives and we can help you find the right plastic fasteners for your project.