Polyether ether ketone—or PEEK®—is a standard in the industry. PEEK thermoplastics are a class of colorless, organic polymers used in engineering applications specifically.  Only with concentrated sulfuric acid can PEEK be dissolved. More importantly, they’re completely customizable and can readily replace various brass, aluminum or steel fasteners for implementation. This material yields superb properties: chemical, mechanical, thermal and much more. The following characteristics describe the functionality and performance of PEEK  thermoplastics for industrial fasteners.

  1. Temperature resistance

PEEK is a strong synthetic polymer (or a macro-molecular composition) more resistant to gas diffusion than many other fasteners. These fasteners do not become pliable above a specific temperature.

  1. High tensile strength

These particular fasteners have a relatively high endurance when faced with stretching or pulling. This means that these fasteners–although strong—are not brittle.

  1. Fire resistant material

PEEK has a low heat release rate as compared to many conventional materials. It’s low flammability makes it a preferred product for aircraft, automotive and semiconductor industries.

  1. Abrasion resistance

Fasteners that are able to withstand abrasion are part and parcel to our industry and PEEK fasteners withstand the minor scuffing or wearing down of materials brought about from day-to-day use.

  1. Chemical resistance

Various plastics when exposed to certain chemicals will erode, with signs of discoloration, and cracking.  PEEK stands strong (long-term) against a variety of corrosive chemicals.

Because of its robustness and high tensile strength as a rigid plastic, PEEK® is an ideal material for screws and fasteners in demanding applications. Learn more about PEEK here.